#include <iostream>

#include <amazing-community>

#include <cool-team>

using namespace std;

int main ( ) {

   cout << "Welcome to ACM!" << endl;


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As a member, you get exclusive access to all of our events, including our Industry Night and special meetups with companies. You also get to attend our semesterly hackathon and get paired with a mentor. There's no reason not to become a member!


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About Us
We are ACM @ USC, which stands for the Association for Computing Machinery. We are USC's largest computer science organization on campus, and we aim to provide as many events and opportunities as possible to help develop your professional and technical skills.
Learn how to code from the pros with both industry mentors and upperclassmen.
Meet representatives from companies Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more.
Join a group of awesome and nerdy other individuals who are all enthusiastic about code.
Our Events

Industry Night

Our biggest event, industry night, invites company representatives from the top of the industry to come and talk to our members. Talk to recruiters and gain valuable internship and job opportunities. We bring in representatives from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and many more.


We have a semesterly 24-hour hackathon meant for first time hackers to introduce students on how to have a successful hackathon experience. Come to talk to mentors and start your first project with a team of others eager to learn as well, so you can charge into other hackathons with confidence and experience. Food and fun provided!

Social Events

We play laser tag together, go bowling, have meetups with UCLA at the beach, hang out at BBQs, and much more. ACM @ USC wants to make your life as a computer scientist at USC a special experience. Meet friends and join a tight-knit community full of people who support you.


Learn anything from web development to an introduction to git to how to prepare for interviews. Our members learn from the best of the community so that you can explore your own passions within the field and get a sense of what computer science truly means.

Our Team

George Yang


Class of 2025

Computer Science

Mohammed Alamgir

Operations Chair

Class of 2024

Computer Science and
Business Administration

Yuko Ohmori

Communications Chair

Class of 2024

Applied Data Science

Andy Chen

Events Coordinator

Class of 2023

Computer Science and
Cognitive Science

Ryan Lampotang

Events Coordinator

Class of 2025

Computer Science

Donggun (Billy) Lee

Events Coordinator

Class of 2024

Computer Science

Kelly Tu

Events Coordinator

Class of 2026

Computer Science

Jackie Pham

Logistics Coordinator

Class of 2025

Electrical Engineering

Steven Hoefs

Corporate Officer

Class of 2025

Computer Science and
Business Administration